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R/C motorcycles are probably the most realistic among all scale rc models not only on looks but also in performance and driving characteristics. This is a list of the major rc bike manufacturers so you can meet all the models that are currently in production but also various other vintage rc motorcycles. Electric or nitro, on or off road, big or small, everything is here. Do not forget to check out the "scratch built" section where some brilliant guys managed to make their own, one of a kind, rc bike models that we are very proud to present through our pages.

  • AllgäuTECH

    AllgäuTECH is a German company producing the well know AT1 rc sidecar. Along with their successful sidecar they offer various other products for the rc motorcycle world such as option parts and accessories but also a very interesting series of useful tools.

  • Anderson

    Anderson Model was established in 1982 and produces a good variety of rc motorcycle products as well as a full line up of hop ups and accessories. Anderson's bikes have earned the trust of customers due to the high quality of their models combined with appraised performance and reliability.

  • AR Racing

    AR Racing is an Italian based company starting its operations in 2006. Quality and precision can be easily noticed in their products such as the AR-540 motocross. Their line of products feature plenty of technical innovations appreciated by customers throughout the world.

  • BP Hobby Spirit

    BP Hobby Spirit is the result of unparalleled creativity and determination. Run by Peter Kahler, the company has entered the rc bike scene with a unique product, the BP-12. A great project that turned out to be a great product with a promising future.

  • Duratrax

    Duratrax, a US based company has recently got into the field of rc motorcycles. Duratrax has been well known for their car and truck models for their durability and but also for the great after sales support they offer.

  • Einitech

    Who doesn't like beautiful and who doesn't like fast. This is what Einitech, a small producer of on road rc motorcycles, is all about. Ultimate performance flawless designs.

  • G-Force

    G-Force technologies has taken a leap from producing rc helicopter parts to building complete rc motorcycle models. While their prototype model, the GS8, received lots of praise withing the rc bike community for its revolutionary design, development seems to have halted. Will they get back to it ? Only time will tell...

  • KP Designs

    KP designs is a small manufacturer of hardcore racing rc motorcycle kits and option parts. The company stands out for using the best cnc practices applied on exotic materials, always with performance and adjustability being their ultimate target.

  • Kyosho

    Kyosho has been actively involved with rc bikes for a long time, manufacturing some of the very first rc motorcyles. The ultra scale realism and the unique characteristics are just few of the reason hobbyists still love these incredible motorcycles.

  • Nuova Faor

    Nuova Faor is an Italian company offering an intriguing line of car and buggy option parts but also several race oriented radio controlled motorcycle kits. They have managed to squeeze their experience from full scale motorcycles into attractive competitive packages a racer needs.

  • Scratch built

    These section is dedicated to all those creative people that have contributed to the rc motorcycle community at maximum level by designing and building their own rc bikes. Meet them and their stunning creations through these pages. If you are working on such a project and you would like to see it published in this section then just let us now by using our contact form .

  • Thunder Tiger

    Thunder Tiger has been one of the leading companies in the rc field. Their commitment into producing truly innovative products has been recognized by customers in international scale and of course within rc bikers.

  • Venom

    Venom Group International is a company with a strong presence in rc motorcycles. Producers of the very successful GPV-1 they still offer the market new intriguing products increasing their recognition among rc enthusiasts.

  • Vintage

    RC bikes are not a new thing. They had been around for many years. If you are looking for information for past models or appreciate the beauty of vintage models then this section is for you. Since we are trying to keep this section as much complete as possible you can contribute any information that we might be missing by using the contact us page.

  • Zh Racing

    ZH Racing is in continuous development of rc motorcycle products and accessories both for the beginner but also for the serious racer. Their models have been extinguished for their fine detail resulting into awesome looking serious performers.

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